Tuesday, April 28, 2015

{NEW} Teacher Appreciation Bottle Cap Images!

It's that time of year!!  Time to show appreciation for our favorite teachers!!  I knew I wanted to design a set of bottle cap images for teachers - but I wanted to add a bit more functionality and gift-ability to the set.  So, although you can make necklaces, key chains or my favorite - beaded zipper pulls (which are all fabulous ideas) - I decided to make mine into a set of magnets with a printable gift card!  What teacher doesn't need more magnets in the classroom?!!  That makes this set not just fun, but totally functional!

Suggested supplies are pretty much the same as all of my other bottle cap printables.  You'll want to print your bottle cap sheets at home as 4x6 photo prints OR order them from your favorite photo lab.  For best results printing at home, I use glossy photo paper from the Dollar Store, then set my printer to it's BEST quality print setting.  Next, I recommend ordering Bottle Caps and Epoxy Stickers from Fizzy Pops (they are the best quality around)... and pick up some magnets, E6000 glue and clear 4x6 envelopes at your local craft store (I got mine at Michaels).  If you've done bottle caps before, you probably already have your 1" round punch on hand; also found online or at a craft store.

* As a side note... you can use CANVAS10 on the Fizzy Pop Website to save 10%!

First things first... get your cute little images punched.  Then, carefully adhere them to the Epoxy Sticker, image side up.  I like to line them up with my fingers like this, then just "shimmy" them together so they line up perfectly. Once the image is attached, really press the back with your fingers or even slide a credit card over to smooth it out and make sure you have a nice application.

Next, use your glue to attach the domed images to the bottle cap - a small dab is plenty.  I use E6000 Glue for a specific reason - it's formulated to attach to metal.  Other glues will not hold and will peal easily.  Then, attach your magnets with the E6000 as well for a nice strong hold.  Allow an hour or so to dry.  A couple of notes about this glue... it's got a strong odor, so work in a well ventilated area and keep out of reach of little ones.  I personally prefer buying the tiny tubes... they are much easier to work with and they are used up before they can dry out (at least around here anyway)!

If you want to use the card - lay the magnets out where you want them.  Necklaces and key chains can also be laid out and given on the card too... :)  I used glue dots to secure the magnet to the card so they stay in place and don't slip around... rubber cement might be good too.  I just wanted to use a glue that would peel off easily when the magnets were removed.

Then, I tied my favorite little bow from some baker's twine.

To finish it off, I just slipped the cards into the clear envelops and stapled the bow on the outside.  Turned out SO cute!!  I'm super excited for my kids to give these to their teachers this week!

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Happy Crafting!

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Tami Madsen said...

So cute! I am trying to buy them in your etsy shop...and tried to use the MAY40 promo code...but it's not working!! Am I putting it in wrong? or is that promo already invalid from fizzy pops?


Colette said...

Hi, Tami... :) I'm so sorry, the MAY40 code was only good May 1 - May 3. Sorry about that!! You can use COLETTE to save 20%. :)

Tami Madsen said...

Thanks Colette! I didn't realize the days...I was only a few off! haha

Thanks again! Enjoy your mothers day!

Tami Madsen said...

Colette- My teachers LOVED LOVED LOVED the magnets and zipper pulls I made for teacher appreciation week! Thanks again for the amazing talent you have, and for being willing to share it with all of us! You are awesome :)

Colette said...

Tami!!! :) Your comment just totally made my day! Thank you for taking a minute to come back and tell me - I'm so happy! :)

♥ Colette

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