Sunday, April 5, 2015

Keep Calm & Watch Conference!

Hello, dear friends!!  

It's finally April and time for the Spring Sessions of LDS General Conference!  This session... I've decided to delay the release of the quotes I design.  Since I've been doing these collections, Easter and Conference haven't coincided together like they do today.  Last night, stress overcame me greatly as I tried to focus on prepping our holiday traditions (cooking, eggs, baskets + Conference)... yet looming in the background like a crash to my party was also the stressful desire to work on quotes.  Oh, if there were only 50 hours in a day!  So, I made a decision last night to give this weekend to my family.  Designing a complete set of quotes as I've done in the past is a 12 hour project and I just couldn't rob my family of that time on such a special day, a day meant for personal reflection of our Savior and his Resurrection.

I will get to them though... please know that my note taking certainly won't cease and my notebook is already full of amazing quotes and powerful reminders.  I have several outside commitments in the coming weeks - so my goal will be to have them out within the next month or so.  It's my hope that when I do put them out, they'll be a sweet reminder of the things you learned and felt this weekend.  For updates and to watch for them to be released, be sure to follow on FB or Instagram... then check back here as well.  

For past Conference Quote posts on my blog, click {HERE}.

Much love...

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1 comment:

L Holdaway said...

Good for you! Take the time you need with your family - enjoy the weekend and conference. Way to simplify, sister!!
We will be here waiting patiently (ok, maybe just a bit anxiously though) for all your great quotes to print out.
Thanks for all you do. We love you and support you!!
~Lisa H.

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