Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Make Magnets with KISS Printables!

My super-fun friend Jen let me in on a creative little secret recently... she's been making magnets out of my KISS Printables!  How fun is that?  I love it when someone shows me a new use for an existing printable - makes it all the more fun to have the file in my digital arsenal!

{PS... I found this DARLING magnet board at Joann's - comes in all colors!}

Making a set of magnets is very easy - and once you have all of your supplies, it's probably only about a 20 minute project!  You'll need 3/4" flat glass marbles (found at any craft store in the floral aisle or at the Dollar Store), magnets of about the same size or smaller, Mod Podge (of course), a 3/4" round punch and a sheet of my KISS Printables

Start by printing and punching your KISS sheet (I always use glossy photo paper and make sure my printer is set to it's BEST quality print setting).  There were 8 designs in the Valentine Set, so for this project I'll make a set of 8 magnets!

Applying the Mod Podge is easy.  I just shake my bottle well, then using my finger - I get A LITTLE BIT from the lid and rub it onto the flat side of the marble.  DON'T go overboard or your ink will run and it will take forever to dry.  A thin coat is perfect... if it takes more than 5 minutes to dry, you used too much. 

Then, apply the punched KISS dots face up.  The marbles aren't perfect and as you can see, there is excess around the edges.  Don't worry about that for now, just let them dry for a few minutes.

Once they are dry, take your scissors right along the edge and trim.  The backs won't be perfectly circular, but that's okay!  You won't see that part anyway.  If you want to take an extra step here, put a little dab of Mod Podge on your finger and run it around the edge.  This will help seal it so the paper won't lift up over time.  Then, apply your magnets!  I bought self-adhesive magnets to make this project quicker, or you can just use a small dab of glue from a hot glue gun.

And... Voila!  All finished!!  I also trimmed a piece of sheet metal to fit into a 5x7 frame that I already had... then added a bow!  If you want to make a cute little note like mine to complete the set, I punched a 2.5" circle out of scrapbook paper, then a 1.5" scallop from white.  I hot glued another magnet on the back of this cute clip - super easy!

Did you notice the bottle cap magnet on there too?  Of course, you can use Epoxy Stickers and Flat Bottle Caps... or if you can find the larger 1" clear glass marbles, you can make them the same way as the KISS ones I just showed you.  If you remember back to last week... I shared the February 4x6 from my Annual Bottle Cap Collection as a freebie (HERE)!

Now that you know what to do... this project can be applied to ANY of my Kiss Printables!

Don't the YW Value KISS Printables make a great set, especially with the YW Value Bottle Cap

So cute on a white magnet board!  This is what our YW Leaders gave our new Beehives at New Beginnings and the girls loved them!  They found these white magnetic boards at Joann's as well.

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Happy Crafting!

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