Valentine's, St. Patrick's & Easter KISS Printables + TIPS!

It's KISS-mania at my house right now!  As soon as I finished the Valentine set, I just couldn't help myself but keep going!  I love these little morsels of cuteness - they make great gifts and favors, make gorgeous candy dish displays and NO ONE can resist them!  

I love to put them in mason jars, but of course, there are lots of things to do with them!  Organza bags, little glass dishes from the Dollar Store, white organza gift bags, Chinese take-out boxes, little clear paint cans... the list goes on!  PLUS... making them is super quick and easy too!  Here's a couple of ways you can try... do what works best for you.

PRINTING TIP: I always use glossy photo paper from the Dollar Store and always make sure my printer is set to it's "BEST" print quality setting... my photos represent these two tricks!

One efficient way I've found to make up a batch is to first cut my printable into strips.  Then, using a 3/4" round punch (find at a craft store or online, here's one on Amazon) punch them out.  I turn the punch over so I can line up the image within the circle.  Then, quickly run your KISS bottom over a regular glue stick and adhere your cute punched image.  DONE.

Another similar way is to print your page on full sheet sticker or label paper.  You still cut into strips and punch - but instead of gluing, you peel off the little sticker backs.  For me, this way is tedious and I got tired of peeling the backs off, felt time consuming.  Gluing has been faster for me - but others swear by the sticker paper... to each his own! :)


If you make tons of KISS jars like I do - you might want to consider a sticker maker!  Oh my heavens, this is my most favorite new tool!  I'm sure there are other versions, but mine is a Xyron "Create a Sticker" MAX - and oh my word, it's awesome!!  You print and punch like normal, then feed the little dots through and it automatically puts adhesive on the bottom. It's very basic, no batteries or plugs.  You actually turn a crank to feed them through.  Then you just peel and stick - super fun, super fast!  I bought mine at Walmart for $20 and have found the refill cartridges are cheapest on Amazon ($9.99 for 18 feet of adhesive).  Xyron has a few different types of machines - so if you are interested in getting one, make sure you look at all the different styles so you get the one that will work best for you and the types of projects you do.  There's also one that makes stickers AND magnets... that one would be VERY fun to have!

I've also been getting some questions lately about how to get the KISS (or Rolo) bottoms to face outward in your jar.  Unfortunately, if you just dump them in - they tend to hide their cuteness.  Using a long pencil, I put in a small handful, adjust a few with my pencil to make sure they are facing out, then add another small handful, adjust... and so on until the jar is full.  I also dial into my mad- "PLINKO" skills (Price is Right Reference) to get them to slide into place as well! :)  It definitely takes a few extra intentional minutes to "style" the jar - but it's worth it to make sure to get the look you want. 

They are just so fun... fun to make and even more fun to give. These are probably my most favorite type of printable right now and I hope they are a favorite of yours too!  Below are the links you need to grab your new sets!

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