Friday, December 5, 2014

{NEW} Nativity Bottle Cap Crafts!

Oh boy... I've got a new addition and it's getting out of control!!

These little 1" circles of delight have so many fun uses! So, this morning I grabbed my bottle cap stash and went to work thinking of all the ways I could use them. First - the easiest and most obvious way is to make necklaces! My kids were eye-balling these as I made them and they've now mysteriously disappeared. ;) My youngest daughter wants to make them for her friends at church, great idea (I'm seeing them in a white organza favor bag)! Then you have other easy options... like key chains and magnets. I, personally, LOVED getting out my bead stash and taking my JOY key chain to a whole new level.  See... bottle caps are fun for moms too! 

My FAVORITE use though, was making them into ornaments! I used a regular necklace pendant bottle cap, then simply attached a regular ornament hanger. I also had some bottle caps that have the double pendant connection (one on top, one on the bottom) and that's what I used to make the trio. If you look closely at the picture, I used a small jump ring to attach each one together... then used an O clasp on the top. I love how they rotate as they hang and catch the shimmer of the lights... so fun!! 

Another perfect use would be to make up a set of bottle cap magnets... 
You can tell the Nativity Story with them - just frame a magnetic board or use the fridge!

To get started, you'll first want to grab the 4x6's in my Shop {HERE}. Print them as photos at your favorite photo lab or at home on your inkjet's BEST print setting.  As shown in the pics, mine were printed at home on glossy photo paper. Just a friendly tip... DON'T print at a copy store.  Color laser ink and the Epoxy Stickers are not friendly.

Next, either trim the images with scissors, or for a super fast craft - get your hands on a 1" round punch!  Then, once they are punched, just apply them (image side up) to the Epoxy Sticker.  Avoid touching the sticky part with your fingers or it will leave a little bit of a residue. Then, use an adhesive made for gluing things to metal.  My glue of choice is E6000 - but please follow the instructions.  It's not a kid-friendly glue, has a strong odor and needs to be stored properly when done.  It also needs to dry at least overnight, if not 24 hours.

Such a fun set of images... I hope you like them as much as I do!!  

{For a free "Nativity Scene" to use with your bottle caps see THIS post}

One final tip, you can find the bottle caps and stickers various places online, but my personal favorite is Fizzy Pops.  The quality of her stickers far out-way anything I've bought anywhere else + she has convenient DIY kits that come with various caps and equal amounts of stickers.  I've been a repeat customer a few times now - and am thoroughly impressed with both her product and her customer service.  I reached out to her before this post and she has generously agreed to set up an ongoing coupon code for my readers for 10% off... CANVAS10!  I'll post this on my side-bar as well so you can refer to it down the road as I continue to create these fun sets!

On last link... to get the Nativity Bottle Cap Images, please visit my Shop!

Use COLETTE to save 20% on any purchase, or use CANVAS30 for 30% off $10+

Be sure to check out my most popular bottle cap post...

Happy Holidays!

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Jessica Abegg said...

These are adorable! Especially love how it's three together in a row like that, so cute!

Holly Baker said...

These are sooo cute! I love the idea. This makes me think... I have a 24 days of Christmas book. It has a scripture, song, and story for each day in December. I thought having ornaments to go with the days would be fabulous! Can you help me? Would you be able to design little printables for each day? I can give you the info. I will pay you!!!!! Thanks!

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