{NEW!!} CTR Bottle Cap Necklaces & Key Chains

Did you know my latest addiction are these bottle cap crafts?  They are SO easy, SO cute - and SO inexpensive to make!!  Which means I was putty when one of my favorite friends asked me to make a CTR set for her daughter's baptism.  Of course, I had to help her out and I knew it would make a great addition to my shop. They're also perfect for Christmas, Birthday or Baptism gifts for your Primary Kids!  I did both a girl and a boy color scheme - and, depending where you get your supplies and how big of a bag you grab - you can make these for less than $1 a piece!  A bit more if you want to add beads... ;)

PRINTING TIPS: The images come as a collection of SEVEN 4x6 prints.  For best results, definitely print them at a photo lab just as you would a regular photo.  Inkjet printing works fine as well (that's how I did mine) - however, color ink with a laser printer will not work well with the epoxy stickers (just a warning).  Also, although I'm showing you bottle cap crafts... you can also use the images for card making, scrapbooking, jewelry making, various camp/activity crafts, glass or resin pennants, magnets and tons more! 

INSTRUCTIONS:  I recommend using a 1" punch, 1" epoxy stickers and 1" bottle caps. Bottle caps come in all kinds of varieties... plain (for making magnets) and ones with attachments like zipper pulls, key chains and necklaces! I recommend using E6000 glue (as it's specifically designed for using with metals), however the fumes are very strong - so use caution, store away from children/pets and only use with care following instructions.  You can also use a good quality glue dot if you want to avoid the glue fumes.

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