Thursday, October 2, 2014

NYC Adventure, Selfies & #meetthemormons!

A few weeks ago I got my first ever COOL invite to do something spectacular and I've been so excited to tell you all about it!  I got to attend an exclusive screening in NYC of a new feature-length documentary "Meet the Mormons" which is coming out in theaters on October 10th!  The movie takes a unique peak into the lives of 6 members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - and it's seriously awesome. They chose the most interesting people - from the head football coach at the US Naval Academy to a female fighter in Costa Rica - from a WWII-era Pilot to a mom in Utah (and more) ... I loved how even though their professions, upbringings, families and backgrounds are so different, they all shared common goals, standards and beliefs.  It was such a perfect, yet very real picture of who we are as a people.  If you've ever wondered why "that Mormon" you know is always so happy and seems to have life figured out... this movie is really a perfect illustration as to why. 

BEFORE the movie, though... me and my fave gal-pal hit the city!  You don't have to have read my blog for long to know that I live in North Jersey and I'm in NYC all the time with my hubs.  His top-notch cancer team is on the Upper East Side, so I'm no stranger to the city and was THRILLED to actually come in for something fun and not for chemo or surgery or scans or to visit him in the hospital.  I seriously have forgotten how fun the city is and how carefree it feels to have fun with a great friend!!  We hit Cake Boss Cafe in Times Square first to fuel up... then did some shopping, tons of walking, lots of laughing and chatting. I love Rockefeller and Radio City - and the food.  I LOVE city food!  We took about 100 selfies and these are my faves!  I was so excited she came with me - AND was glad she was still willing to when she found out I'd be blogging about it and tossing her cute mug on my blog!

After the screening, we got to hang out in the lobby with the writer/director, the producer and the host/narrator of the film, Jenna Kim Jones (a super cute, NYC comedian... and Mormon)!  Everyone was "a buzz" about the movie... we got interviewed as well - which was super fun!  They asked me to describe the movie in one word.  I chose, "Real."  Real because it's such a great portrayal of who we are as Mormons - and how our beliefs fully encompass our lives, not just when we are sitting in a pew on Sunday.  I know hundreds of families... just like the people in the movie that have similar stories and live similar lives.  We know who we are... we know we are children of God.  We know we came to earth to love and to serve others just as Christ did. We are Christians. We came to learn, to grow and progress into the best people we can become. They did a fantastic job illustrating this in the movie and it just makes me excited for everyone, Mormon or not, to see it!

They also asked me, in one word, how the movie made me feel.  I chose, "Excited!"  I'm excited for ANYONE who has ever wondered who we are, why we are always so happy - or anyone who has tried to pin-point what it is about us that makes us different... to see it.  It's not preachy, it's not a church lesson, it's not to convert you, there won't be missionaries there - it's just a very real glimpse into the lives of Mormons everywhere and I think anyone who sees it will leave uplifted, hopeful and grateful for how much good there really is in the world.  I absolutely loved the message, the music and I can't wait to take my family to see it!

Here are some helpful links if you are interested in seeing more about the film:

Request the movie be shown in a theater near you...{HERE}
Download the AWESOME song "Glorious" by David Archuleta {HERE}


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Much love to you all...

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Allyson said...

You are a celebrity! The Lord knows what he is doing with a rock star like you Colette. You are a beautiful example of what the gospel is all about. "Excited" to go see this:)

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