Thursday, October 16, 2014

{NEW!} Gratitude Journal & Christmas Notebook Planner!

For the last several years I've wanted to create a Gratitude Journal - but just never found the extra time.  It always seemed like before I knew it, the holiday had passed and I vowed to try again the following year.  Well, I'm not going to miss it this year!  I woke up this morning with a bee in my bonnet to get it done today!  Then, I actually had so much fun designing it, I kept going and made a Christmas Notebook too!

The covers are both super-fun and the inside pages are super-simple!  For the journal, it's just a nice place to record your blessings, your thoughts on gratitude and maybe also a place to jot down your favorite quotes on gratitude.  Print one for yourself, then make up extras to give as gifts!

My original thought behind the Christmas Notebook was to create a simple place to keep track of shopping lists, gift ideas, etc.  I know I already have a full-fledged Holiday Planner - but for those that just need a notebook and not something particularly fancy - this half sized notebook is not only perfect for your purse, but will still help you stay on top of your holiday to do's!

Printing and assembly are super easy... both the Notebook and the Journal are formatted the same.  First, print front and back covers (pages 1 and 2) on heavy, white glossy card stock, trim and laminate for durability. OR... if your printer has borderless print options, print Page 3 borderless instead. Next, print page 4 on regular white copy paper as many times as needed (depending on how thick you'd like your notebook to be). Be sure to choose the double-sided option when printing multiple copies of the interior notebook page (or manually flip and print on the back), then cut in half. Next, assemble covers with interior pages and spiral bind at a copy store. 

 As always... these are both on sale for $3.50 for the next few days - a PERFECT time to grab them at a great price and get them printed ahead of time.  Don't forget, when you make yours... make some extras and have a few gifts done early!  Regular price of $5 each will return on Saturday 10/18.

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Happy Journal-ing!

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