Thursday, September 4, 2014

{NEW!!} 2015 Primary Presidency Planner

YAY!!  My most requested and talked about printable is ready for 2015! This planner is SUPER-SIZED and has more than double the planning pages as last year.  It has come a long way since my original version in 2012 and each year it just keeps getting better!  I've had my Etsy Shop for almost 4 years now and the 2014 version was my ALL-TIME best seller.  As in ever - in the history of my shop!  Thank you to all of you who make purchases - you've helped me support my family the last few years and I appreciate it so much!

Ok... time to point out the changes and additions!

First, instead of the original 2 page spread... I've designed a whole section for each month!  It starts with a nice divider page, next is a one-page DATED monthly calendar and a new "Week-at-a-Glance" Planning Sheet.  This page can be used to better manage your weekly to do's - and to monitor what is going on with Activity Days and Scouts.  Maybe you use that section to help you plan your Sharing Times or other assignments you are given.  You can also use it as a place to record notes if you meet weekly.  Whatever you choose to use it for, you'll be so glad to have the extra space!  Next is the traditional two-page spread that you'll be familiar with from previous versions.  I did make a handful of thoughtful changes that I think will help you as you manage your busy calling and juggle all that goes into Primary.  Finally, the last page in each monthly section is a dedicated page of notes.  Presidents may particularly like this page for note taking during other meetings such as Ward Council, Training Meetings and Conferences.

I'm also starting adding sticker/divider tab sets with each of my planners and I just LOVE them!  Not only do they make your planner more functional and easier to navigate - it adds a fun pop of color that makes me happy!  You can print your tabs regular paper or card stock, fold and staple to adhere - OR you can print on full sheet sticker paper, punch, fold and adhere that way.  I always design the interior pages in black and white to keep printing costs down, so it's a fun way to add a little bit of eye candy as well.  The tabs with this planner are 1 inch square - and as you can see from the picture, I punched mine with a 1" square scalloped punch.  Similar instructions are also included with the printable, but that's the basic idea. 

TIP: You can trim your tabs with scissors - or you can find these types of punches at any craft or scrapbooking store.  You can also find them on Amazon, I prefer either EK Tools or Fiskars Brand punches for reference.

Another TIP:  I ran a strip of clear packing tape over my tabs before punching them out, this makes them nice and shiny + lots more durable for a full year of use. 

All of my LDS Presidency Planners come with "Scrappy Style" Covers for members of a typical presidency OR you can purchase the Geometric/Lollipop Covers instead if you prefer.  Below are the links you'll need to get started!

TIP: The covers are designed for "borderless" printing.  On your home printer, when you hit print and the properties box opens - select your "borderless" option in Advanced Settings + check the "fit" box so the image spreads properly on the page and isn't shrunk.  This can also be requested at a copy center.  I print my covers on glossy photo paper, then laminate for durability.

When everything is printed - you can either 3-hole punch and add to your Primary Binder or can have it spiral bound at your favorite copy store.

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More planners to come... RS is next, then Activity Days and Primary Chorister!

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Cheryl J. said...

Will you update the 2015 planner when you get monthly theme information?

Colette said...

Great question... answer is actually no. After reading and studying the church's intellectual property statements, I can't in good conscious re-print official church content. So - all new planners will just be planning tools with no official text, themes, logos, etc. I wish, though!!

Lynette Mayhew said...

I love your planners. I tried to e-mail you and it said the email address was invalid. How can I get a hold of you?

Colette said...

Hi, Lynette... Oh goodness, sorry about that! My email is You can also contact me through Etsy or FB as well. Thanks!

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