Wednesday, August 13, 2014

{NEW!!} Thank You, Sunshine & Halloween KISS Printables

I'm having SO much fun with these KISS printables!!  They are super festive, WAY easy to make and even more fun to give!  As you can see, I've got three new sets... a thank you one, a sunshine one and one for Halloween!  Since I started doing these, I've been getting lots of emails about the best way to make up a jar - so I thought I'd write a quick post with some tips and tricks to make assembly quick and easy.

First things first... you need to print.  For BEST results, you should save your file on a memory stick and take to a copy store to print OR use your printer's "BEST" print quality option (in your Print Properties) to print clear, vivid images.  Paper also makes a difference.  All of the printables you see in my pictures are printed on my home printer (HP OfficeJet Pro 8600) on glossy photo paper.  I buy all of my photo paper at the Dollar Store (comes 8 sheets to a pack for $1) and - as you can see, my print quality is pretty awesome. I think print quality is fairly important, particularly when you are printing small images like these.  And - by simply using the right paper and making sure your printer is set to it's "BEST" print quality option, I think many of you would be surprised at the quality you can get at home.

After I print, I simply cut the dot sheet into stripes to prep for easy punching.

These DARLING little dots, coincidentally, are not just sized PERFECTLY for KISS bottoms but also happen to be exactly 3/4" in diameter making them perfect for punching.  I bought this punch at Michaels for under $5 with a coupon... or you can find them online just about anywhere.  Fiskars and EK Tools are my favorite punch brands - both come with dozens of shapes and sizes. Martha Stewart has a nice line as well, but they are much more expensive. I like to pick them up here and there as they are on sale or I have coupons and over the years I've created a nice collection.  Back to this project... you'll need a punch labeled as 3/4" or "0.75-inch". You should be able to find them at any craft or scrapbook store, or online (I found some on Amazon that were less than $8 WITH shipping included).

Next is applying them to the kiss.  I know I refer to them as "stickers" - but they aren't really stickers unless you print them on sticker paper.  Which, you can do - but believe you me - it's TEDIOUS to peel the little backs off of each one - so I don't recommend going that route!  The quickest way I've found is to simply run the bottom of the kiss across a glue stick... then position/center the image and press.


My favorite way to give these sets is in a Mason Jar... you just can't beat seeing all the cuteness through the glass.  Admittedly, you'll have to do a little bit of "styling" to get your jar to look like my pictures.  Just filling the jar up won't automatically show the decorated underside.  As you fill the jar, just make sure you situate a few here and there that show... and your jar will look just like mine!

As an additional note... (and since we've been talking about punches) - all of my Mason Jar Lid Toppers measure 2.5" and work beautifully with a 2.5" punch.  The tags in all of these sets measure 2" - so while you can certainly cut them out with scissors... using a 2" punch is super quick and easy.  So, watch the sales and use those coupons to build a punch stash!  You'll be glad you did. :)

So - if you are ready to get punching... stop by my shop to grab your files!

OR for a limited time (through 8/15) these three are available in a special discounted bundle {HERE}.  AND.. all individual sets are on sale for $3.50 - so today is the day to grab them all!

Other sets (also on sale) in my shop that you might like... CHRISTMAS | TEACHER

Alrighty... it's time to get back to my laundry... more designs coming soon!


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Happy Day!

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Korine said...

You can also print these off on a sheet of sticker paper. Then when you cut them out - just peel it off - no need for the glue stick.

Love your stuff Colette!

Colette said...

Hi, Korine... You are correct - however at least in my experience, peeling off all of those little backs almost did me in. It was SO tedious and the glue stick went about 20x faster. To each his own - but for me, gluing has been the easiest and fastest. With that said, though - give it a try and if it works best for you, go for it for sure! :)

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