NEW PERSONAL PLANNER {June 2014-May 2015}


One of my best-selling printables of all time is my Personal Planner - and I've been dying to release a new, updated version.  After using my original planner for almost a year now + adding in the brilliant suggestions from my customers, I think this new version is awesome and I'm so excited to share it with you finally!  Below is a list of the highlights:

★ Front & Back Cover (four colors included, + 4 additional available separately)
★ Printable Sticker Tabs
★ 2014 & 2015 "At a Glance" Calendars

★ NEW Monthly Planning Spread!

★ Weekly Planning Spread - includes daily + weekly planning space

★ 12 Month SNAPSHOT - 1 page "at a glance" for the upcoming year
★ 12 Month SNAPSHOT - 2 page "at a glance" for NEXT year
★ Personal Contacts Pages
★ Business Card Reference Sheet (just tape business cards on!)
★ Blank Notes Pages
★ Formatted for 8.5x11 printing

A WORD ON THE WEEKLY LAYOUT: Tried and true, this popular design fits all kinds of busy lifestyles! Daily, there is plenty of room to record to do's, appointments and plans + a spot for planning meals. The four "on-going" weekly to do lists at the bottom are perfect for managing multiple areas of your life within a weekly time period. I use one for family, one for for work, one for special projects and the last one for managing my volunteer time at church. What will you use your areas for? :) Maybe use them to manage a room remodel or the needs of a special needs child - or even an upcoming party! I absolutely love this layout and with two simple pages, it helps me manage all the things I have going on at once.

I am LOVING the new tabs and can't imagine how I lived without them!!  Each cover set comes with a coordinating page of printable circle tabs.  They are optional, but are so much fun and will make finding the monthly spreads quick and easy.  Printing/Assembly is easy... below are some basic instructions:

  • For best results, print on full-size white sticker (or label) paper found at any copy/office store. Punch with 1.5" circle punch, then using a scoring tool, create a crease across the center line provided - fold over and press well to create a defined fold. Peal the sticker back and apply in staggered fashion on the right side of the appropriate "Monthly Spread" sheets. Following the same application instructions... you may choose to simply print on white card stock, punch, crease/fold and adhere with a staple. 

Aside from the Monthly and Weekly pages, you'll find new "Personal Contact" sheets, a page for Business Card Reference (just tape them in the boxes provided), lots of "My Notes" pages... then, of course a variety of At-A-Glance Calendars, a 12-Month Snapshot - as well as a 2 page spread for jotting things down for the 12 months following the planner dates.  {{EEEEk!!}}  I love it!!

How do you recommend printing?  Simply print at home, double-sided - or take the files to your local copy shop.  There are 158 interior black/white pages + 3 color pages (covers and tabs).  For best results, use premium paper (28 lb) for the interior pages.  For the covers, I recommend a heavy, glossy photo paper (then laminate before binding to increase durability).  The tabs can be printed on either card stock and stapled in place or full sheet label paper. It's helpful (but not necessary) to have a 1.5" circle punch to cut out the tags.

What is the best way to bind?  I personally love using either the ARC or the Martha Stewart disc-bound binder system found at Staples. This planner works with Filo-Fax systems as well - OR any planner/portfolio system where you can add your own interior pages. Another great option is to have it bound by your copy store. For best results, choose "double-wire" bindings - they are more durable than spiral or comb. You can also choose to print double sided at home and simply put in a 3 ring binder.

How much will it cost?  I had a set printed at Staples and it cost me just under $20, binding and lamination included. Be sure to check for coupons or use rewards if you can!

Can this be printed half size?  This file is designed for 8.5x11 printing... however, it can be resized to half sheets by using "booklet printing" options. For BEST RESULTS when shrinking, please consult with your local copy store. Please note, when resizing to half size or booklet format, the top and bottom will have extra white space. Consider trimming to 7x5.5 for optimal use of space.

MOST IMPORTANT ??... How do I choose my cover?  Hahaha!!  You're on your own for that one! I know I am evil for giving you so many cute choices.. honestly, I couldn't help myself and am having trouble picking which one I'm going to use too! :) 

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Happy Planning!

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