Friday, March 21, 2014

NEW!! Savior / Easter / Resurrection SUBWAY ART

This Subway is a very long time coming... it's been requested heavily the last couple of years around this time, and finally I had the spurt of creativity to get it done.  And. I. Love. It. !!!  Choosing the wording was a very cool experience and I appreciated the chance to re-read some of the scriptures in the New Testament to find just the right combination.  I enjoyed myself so much - and it really energized me to make sure that this is the focus for us as the holiday approaches.  I'm certainly all about the eggs, the baskets and the bunnies too - but this will definitely set the tone and be a nice reminder about why we celebrate this special holiday in the first place.

 I had quite a bit of trouble with the colors at first, then when I slipped into more of a monochrome scheme, it felt right.  Too colorful felt irreverent and cutesy - and going with rich darks that remind me of the Savior seemed too Winter-ish.  So, I made 4 versions - and you get to pick which one fits best into your decor!  I'm not sure yet - but it's between the green and purple for me!

I also did each color set in 5 sizes - so you've got a big one for your wall, a few "gift" sizes and a couple of "handout" sizes.  I'm hoping with the collection of colors and sizes, you'll find something that works perfectly for what you need.  You can grab the updated listing {HERE}.


I don't have mine printed yet - and have a few ideas of what I'd like to do... but I got to thinking, you guys only get to see what I do with mine and there are SO many more things you can do!  Many of you send pictures to me and I'm always so impressed and inspired by how you put yours together!  So - I'd like to start a new tradition on my blog... and issue a crafting challenge!  It'll be easy to participate... simply stop by my shop, grab the printable... then get your craft on!  Take a picture of your completed project and if I use your picture in my spotlight post next week, you can choose a free printable from my shop!  I'll choose pictures based on the creativity and originality of your display/presentation - you will get credit for the picture and if you have a blog, I'll even link to it.  Even if you just frame the print - but it's displayed on a beautiful mantle or if you make it up on a plaque or tile - or have it wrapped with a treat for a handout, I want to see it!!  Pictures should be emailed to me ( by 5 pm EST Thursday, March 27th and you can watch for the post on Friday the 28th or Saturday the 29th.

PS... Good quality pictures would be ideal, so try to use natural lighting and 
make sure your photo is focused and not fuzzy.  I can't wait to see what you guys do!! Thanks!!

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Happy Crafting!

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