Tuesday, December 10, 2013

FREEBIE - Christmas Day Menu Planner

Doesn't this make you want to start planning your menu for Christmas Day now?! 

Sorry I don't have my picture ready for you... but I'll print mine on white card stock, trim the white edges off - then mount on either red or green card stock and laminate. I'll display it on a clipboard and easel (like I do with my monthly menu planners and clipboard calendars, shown HERE).  You can also mount, frame and display - just be sure to grab a document sized frame (8.5x11) because it is larger than an 8x10. 

I have a "Thanksgiving Day Menu Planner" that's a freebie as well... so be sure to grab that one here for next year (HERE).  If you like them, you might also like my Annual Collection where there is a menu designed for each month.  The monthly ones are available in my Shop, it's such a fun printable to change out every month and keeps menu planning cute and fun.  Print up a full set and give as a gift!

Click HERE to get a free 30 trial of this fun, easy & awesome software!

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Hartley2 said...

I have this and love it!!

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