{NEW!!} LDS/YW Presidency Planner for 2014

What is that?  Do I hear angels singing?  Hahaha .... oh no... that's you guys!!  Is this one a long time in the making or what?!  I started getting requests last year when I first released my Primary Planner and the begging hasn't stopped since.  I love it, talk about motivation!  I love spending my time creating and designing what you want, what you need and what will make your life easier... plus if it's cute, that's just a total bonus!  At any rate, running an efficient Young Women's Program, whether big or small, is a tough job and it takes a lot of planning and organization. I'm more of a Primary gal by heart, but with the help of several YW Pro's - I think I put together a great planning tool that will help you manage ALL the details!

My friendly disclaimer before I show you the rest... I am not affiliated with the church, this is not an official website or document.  It's simply a cute planning tool YW Leaders can use to help manage all that has to be juggled.

The Monthly Planning Spread is great.  It serves as a great companion to a good meeting agenda.  There is s spot for recording almost everything you would typically discuss, plus lots of places for notes, to do's and reminders to help you manage your specific needs.  There are 4 spaces for activity planning (if you have a 5th week, you might just split Wk 4's space).  You also might prefer to print the planner at home and keep in a binder, or you can have it spiral bound at an office store like mine is shown.  Having it all done at a copy store would run around $7-$8 a piece.

Other special planning pages I included will help you plan and manage big events like New Beginnings and Young Women in Excellence.  From the program, to food, decorations, handouts and even space to recap the event to make notes about what you'd like to remember for next year.

Also included are 2014 & 2015 "At A Glance" Annual Calendars, Contact Info Sheets, Additional Notes + a "Looking Ahead to 2015" to record the ever growing busy schedule of a youth organization.  In all, the planner is 38 pages - and should cover most, if not all of the areas needing attention and planning.  For the areas not included, use the "Additional Notes" pages to record and plan as needed.  The original PDF only comes with 4 of these pages, so be sure to print extras and add to your planner if you need them.

THIS WEEK ONLY... the planner is on sale for $4 - so hurry and grab yours! {HERE}

PS... This planner coordinates with my 2014 Personal Planner {HERE}...
If you have friends in the Primary... their 2014 Presidency Planner is also available {HERE}.

RS is coming soon!


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Happy Planning!

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  1. Love it! Thanks Colette!

    Christine Taggart

  2. This is great! Do you have anything coordinating for girls camp?

  3. Love the YW planner! I am wondering, can you make a front cover page entitled "Advisor". I would like to give these to my advisors for Christmas. Thanks!

  4. This is awesome! I created my own planner and yours is SO much better! Thank you!

  5. I just purchased the YW Planner and I was wondering if you would share the names of the fonts you used as I am including my own YW Roster, etc. and I would like the fonts to match.


  6. Any update on the 'Advisor' front page! I have 3 Advisors and didn't want to leave them out :(
    I have already bought the set but would love the addition of this set.

  7. You betcha... :) Advisor pages now available: