2014 LDS Primary Presidency Planner!

2017 Planner NOW AVAILABLE {HERE}! :)

This would HAVE TO BE... BY A LONG SHOT, my MOST requested printable.

Like. Ever.

To be honest, with each email I received asking (begging) for a 2014 version...  I worried how I could possibly get it done (plus now that I'm not even in the Primary anymore, it wasn't even on my personal to do list).  Most importantly, with my time at a premium as I continue juggling my husband's care and cancer treatments - how on earth would I be able to tackle it?!  What I love, though, and want to share is... I felt the Lord left me little bits of time to work on it, clarity and creativity to make it better and energy here and there to get it done.  On top of that, the dozens and dozens of emails I got from all of you telling me how much 2013's enhanced your calling made it even more motivating to finish.  What I also find so comforting - is that I can share how He has inspired my planning/design abilities - and in turn, He's also helping me support my family and stay ahead of our medical expenses.  A blessing I can't even begin to describe.  The Lord truly does very literally open the windows of heaven, doesn't He!  Sorry for getting mushy... I just had to tell you how much I think His hand is in this project - for both of us!!  

For my readers who aren't LDS... Primary is the children's organization within a Latter Day Saint congregation.  It takes a lot of prayerful and careful planning to manage all the details - this planner reflects how I approached my responsibility from an organizational stand point.  Primary is an amazing program, you can learn more HERE if you are interested or email me and I'd be happy to share with you more.

Anyway... like last year, the Monthly Planning Spread is the best part of the planner!  It touches on each topic or area needing attention and works great alongside a good agenda for keeping track of all of the to do's in one concise place.  A house of order, right?! The only change I made here was shrinking the lines just a bit to allow more room for writing. 

In addition to the "At a Glance" Calendar, I also added a "Looking Ahead" general planner.  This is where I imagined you could plan ahead to calendar bigger activities, when to start working on the Primary Presentation Script, for keeping track of Stake/Ward and General Conference Dates, or maybe use it as a conducting or Sharing Time Teaching Schedule.  Lots of possible uses, customize it to what works for you.  I also included a "Leaders & Teachers" Contact Info sheet which will come in handy - as will extra note pages at the end.  If you want more than 6 pages of extra notes, simply print those pages more!

For printing, the inside pages should be printed on regular copy paper, double sided.  I recommend the covers be printed on card stock, then as shown... I trimmed the white border off, mounted on yellow card stock, then laminated for durability.  I had my sample spiral bound at Staples for $2.99.  If you had all printing and binding done at Staples, each planner would run around $7.

This planner is 35 pages of awesomeness that I hope helps you stay more easily organized so you can spend less time tracking down post it notes and devote more time seeking inspiration and guidance for your calling. My planner is not affiliated directly with the church, it's simply a cute and creative tool for helping you manage all the details - and in no way am I suggesting how you approach your particular calling.   I'm grateful the Lord has blessed me with a talent not only for design, but for creativity and organization.  This is my way to continue developing that talent, sharing that talent and helping others that might not possess the same set of skills who are interested in tools that may help them become more organized.

Do to the sheer amount of variations to running an individual Primary - I am not able to accommodate any modifications or personalizations.  If the planner isn't your style or won't work for you, that's okay! :)

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Happy Planning!

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missy said...

Makes me wish I was still serving in Primary! :) This is brilliant and completely adorable! I'm passing the info along to our Primary pres.

chellekay said...

Thank you!

Charmaine said...

I used mine all the time last year. Thank you for taking the time to do another one. I could never figure out how to make stuff like this on my own.

Robbie said...

I so appreciated last years calendar. I'm not in primary anymore but in Young Women's. What a blessing your calendar was to us last year.

Jen said...

This is great! I think with some minor tweaks, it could be used for young women presidencies. Instead of the stuff on each month related to the primary sacrament program, it could use the "Come Follow Me" curriculum themes, etc. :)

Cathy said...

I love this! Any chance that you have one or could create/modify one for Relief Society?

Cathy ♥

sjdautz said...

This is the most beautiful planner I have found!! Thanks so much!

jkaaberg said...

Thank you so much for doing this. I struggle with being organized. I can see how this will help me in our primary. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! It´s so beautiful and useful! I wanted to ask you whether you have it in Spanish as well, just as you did last year. Thank you! Mariana

Amelia said...

Thank you soooo much!! I used mine all of 2013 and it helped me stay organized. It is the heart of my "brain" as I call it. The binder that goes everywhere with me on Sunday. I am so looking forward to using the wonderful additions you added to this year!!

Thanks again!

Brittany said...

I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you! I found this last year and we used it and loved it! This year I am having them professionally bound and finished and I am so excited! Love them and thank you for your service!

Anonymous said...

Collette, how wonderful are you that your talent and time continues to bless your fellow members all around the world. I'm from New Zealand, have been in our Ward Primary for 3 going on 4 years now and I just came across your calendar/diary last year 2013. More than useful such a tool, but a blessing to all who use it.
From the bottom of my heart, Thank you soo much. I pray for your husband that his treatment goes well..you and your family are in our prayers.

Colette said...

I love hearing from you - and how it's helping your Presidencies. Thank you!! :)

Em said...

I came across this on Pinterest. This is wonderful! I so wish it you had one in Spanish, too, as I belong to a Spanish branch. Our presidency would LOVE this.

You're so talented!

MrsSione said...

So excited to print my copy! Just a bit sad that it's already March so my first two months are wasted! :( lol