Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Sentiments: Week 1

One of the things I love to collect is quotes.  In particular, quotes that uplift me, quotes that inspire me... and wise sayings that make me happy or help me make sense of this world.  So, when one of my favorite creative bloggers (Landee @ Landee See Landee Do) started a series a few weeks ago called "Sunday Encouragement" - and I became glued to what she'd create each week - I decided to join her!

In starting my series, not only for my love of quotes and great snippets of wisdom, I decided my focus will also be to create an inspriational album for our family, in particular, my husband. As most of you know, he's been fighting cancer now for about 18 months, so you can imagine that life around here has taken on new meaning.  New perspective.  I plan to add to this collection each week, then give him the album when he's in the hospital for a Stem Cell Transplant in November.  I hope it uplifts and encourages him as much as these quotes do for me - and I hope in the process, you start a collection of your own.  My plan is to post a new 5x7 every Sunday in a series I'll be calling "Sunday Sentiments" - and I hope you look forward to grabbing a new quote each week.  I also hope you PIN this post and share this series with your friends.

If you want a head start on your album... I actually already have 17 WordArt 5x7 quotes that I've done this past year and am so happy I now have an official series that will wrap them all together. 
You can get them HERE under the new tag "Sunday Sentiments".

Happy Sabbath!

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Sarah said...

I love, love, love this! Thank you for sharing! What a sweet gesture of love and encouragement not only for us, but also for your husband. You are such an inspiration to me.

You family is in my thoughts and prayers!



Colette said...

Thank you, Sarah!!

Melissa Cloud said...

Love this! Thanks so much Colette, you are amazing! Would love to share this on my blog this week if it's okay with you!

A Teaspoon of Teaching

Colette said...

Absolutely, Melissa! :) I would love that, thank you!

LianneCarpenter said...

Thank you!!! This is so beautiful, and very much my story right now...

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