I did it!!  I'm finally done!!

When an extensive search for the perfect planner to manage my busy life left me empty handed... I decided to design one! I've always been complimented for my organizational skills - so I sketched out how I think and plan my life and designed it digitally (with some added flares of swirly cuteness)! This is the first time I've designed my own planner, so we'll call it my "pilot" attempt (which is why this calendar is only August - December). Rest assured, I am LOVING it's function and am already working on a full 2014 version which should be available by October 2013.

Here's how it works...

You have a monthly planning spread for each month (well, with this file it's Aug-Dec).  One side is a calendar for recording events, the other side is for looking at your month and deciding what your priorities are, what projects you have going, there's a spot for notes, thoughts and ideas - as well as reminders and mini calendars to look at the upcoming 2 months.  I like to start each month with some general plans and expectations - because this affects how I plan my days and weeks.  This is a super important part and step of staying organized.


Next is the weekly pages...

This is THE BEST and my MOST FAVORITE part of the planner!

I never liked the planners where I have lots of space for days, because a lot of what I have going on doesn't just happen on one day.  I found I recorded events and appointments or deadlines, but had a hard time managing all of my other to do's on a daily format.  So... I cut the spread in half - the top section is for recording those appointments, dates, times and maybe a smaller to do list.  Then - the bottom half is separated into 4 planning areas.  Look at your life and how many different aspects need to be juggled?  For me... my 4 main areas are my Home/Family, My Husband (I manage his care here), My Volunteer Work at Church, then the last is my Blog/Etsy Shop.  I have a running to do list in each area - but not always necessarily an absolute day it needs to be done... just something that needs to get done "this week".  The best part is... each week these "areas" of your life might be different.  One week you might use a section to plan a party or event or use it to outline a decorating project.  You could use a section for each child, or maybe for a child with special needs that has more to manage and keep track of.  Are you big into Food Storage or Geneology?  Dedicate a section to it!  Everyone's will be different, and each week you might have different focuses and this layout gives you that flexibility.  I am absolutely loving it and it's helping me de-stress KNOWING that I don't have to keep track of it all in my head.  Hallelujah!!

I realize this isn't a full, annual calendar and 2014 is quite literally right around the corner... so at the end of the planner is a space to jot down things that might already be hitting your calendar.  Like for example, I just took my kids to the dentist and they scheduled their next visit for February.  Ha!  There's a blog conference I want to attend next April... so I wrote it down!  Then, when I get my 2014 planner done, which by the way I'm hoping to do by October or so, I'll be ready to roll.

This planner/calendar can be printed and bound in several ways. My preferred method is using either the ARC or the Martha Stewart disc-bound binder system found at Staples. A simpler (and less expensive option) is printing at a copy store, then having it spiral bound.  The planner shown in the first few pictures I had printed and spiral bound at Staples for about $8 total. You could also choose to print at home and simply put in a 3 ring binder.  It's formatted for double sided printing, so be sure to select that option when printing or tell the clerk at the copy store so it turns out the way it was designed.  The file is designed to be printed as an 8.5x11 - but can be "scaled" in your print options to run two pages to one sheet making it half size.

Love me a good planner... I'm in heaven and get giddy every time I pick up my purple pen.  
I know.  Sad.  But true.  Very, very true. :)

So... are you ready to GET ORGANIZED like me?!!

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Happy Planning!

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  1. I love this planner, can't wait to buy it and have it made!!

  2. I love the layout and design. I know what I'm asking Santa to bring me for Christmas!

  3. Did you make this for me? I love it!!!! I can't wait to see a 2014 version. :)

  4. Love it and its reasonably priced! Thank, pinning :)

  5. This is great! Pinning and sharing. You are so talented!

  6. I think this is absolutely adorable!!!! Way to go!!!

  7. Is the planner 8.5 x11? Looks awesome.

  8. I really like this - it is almost exactly what I have been looking for. If it is 8.5X 11 will I be able to resize it to get 2 to a page?

  9. Hi, guys! Thanks!! I'm so glad everyone likes it, the response has just been awesome!

    A couple of things - it is designed for 8.5x11 printing.. however, definitely consult with your copy store for resizing options. Also - I was forced to break the PDF in half to meet Etsy's file size requirements - SO, if you purchase it from my shop, please also add a note at checkout that you would like the single file emailed to you. With this file, you can use the "booklet" printing option and it will resize to 2 pages per sheet with double sided printing. Then you just cut in half and your planner is now 5.5x8.5.

    Hope that helps!

  10. I just down loaded my copy and getting ready to ptint it :) Cannot wait!! Where did you get that chunky bindind done at?? I LOVE it (of course)!!!

  11. Will you be putting up a 2014 planner file? Thanks.

  12. Can you tell me how you got this printed and bound for just $8?? I am thinking of purchasing it but when I look up Staples it says it is .09 forb lack and white copies and .49 for color! So how do you print 147 pages AND get it bound for $8?? Thanks!!