Sunday, December 9, 2012

FREEBIE - Christmas Dinner Menu!

I think this is a Christmas FREEBIE some of you have been waiting for since last year!  It's been so requested that I lost count, but finally saved some time this weekend to get it done.  Makes me want to start planning my menu for the big day already!  Every event and task is just easier when there is something cute to help you get it done.  I hope you like it!

Sorry I don't have my picture ready for you... but I'll print mine on regular paper, laminate it - then mount it on coordinating cardstock and display it on a clipboard and easel (like I do with my monthly menu planners and clipboard calendars, shown HERE).  You can also mount, frame and display - just be sure to grab a document sized frame (8.5x11) because it is larger than an 8x10. 

Along with the Thanksgiving Day Menu freebie (HERE), you can also add every month to your collection by stopping at My Shop.  It's such a fun printable to change out every month and keeps menu planning cute and fun.

Happy Planning!

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Jeanette said...

Love it, Colette, thanks so much.

Sonya said...

I recently purchased the whole set of menu printables to use as a gift...which way do you prefer to use yours (I'm still debating on how present the gift), do you prefer using the laminated copy on a clipboard, or the unlaminated in a document frame?

Colette said...

Hi, Sonya... Originally I had mine in a frame - but I've switched it to the clipboard, I think it's so much cuter displayed with ribbon tied on the clip. I like it laminated and use a wet erase marker so it's crisp. As I've given some as gifts, the clipboard is also WAY less expensive than the document sized frames, even though you have to paint them. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

It's time for me to purchase a new printer and I'd like your opinion on what to buy since printing plays a large part in your business. Could you tell me what kind you use? Thank you

lemondedis said...

j'aime beaucoup !... merci pour le partage... j'ai créé un lien ici :

eastmoor59 said...

these are so cute just what I have been looking for Thanksgiving and Christmas.Can't wait to get them

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