{Getting Crafty} A Halloween Rag Wreath...

First... to set the record straight, I did not just whip this up last night.  It took me a week and I enlisted my mother to help me.   She came from Utah to tend the kids while I went to Chicago, then stayed for another week when I got back.  This was one of the projects we did while she was here and thankfully, she also helped me finish my 4th of July one too!  Don't you just love crafting and chatting with your mom?  Makes for great times and fun memories.

In the past, I have usually made my rag wreaths with a simple wire coat hanger - but it seems to end up smaller than I want and I always wish it was fuller.  So this time I ditched the coat hanger and bought a large 4-wire wreath form at Michael's for about $3.  I am giddy with how thick and full it turned out and smile every time I look at it!  It did make for 4 times the fabric and 4 times the tieing, but it was well worth it! 

I bought 1/4 yard of 12 prints which was just about the perfect amount for a wreath this size.  I wanted tons of variety and color for Halloween - but to give you an idea... I already bought fabric for my Christmas one and instead of 12 fabrics, I only chose 6 fabrics, 1/2 yard each to keep the overall "busy-ness" a little bit more muted.   For my strips, I ripped them to be 6 inches long and about an inch wide.  Ripping is certainly not an exact science, so some strips ended up thicker than others, which is the point.  If you are a perfectionist - this may be a tough project for you... it's all about the randomness, no patterns or symmetry here!

When I was done, the middle seemed empty.  So, back to Michaels I went and found this foam/glitter web for $1 and due to my un-natural addiction to googlies... I had to add a few to the center to finish it off.  I secured it with fishing line and made a monumental decision not to include printable art on this one.  I know... miracles never cease.

A quick tip on your fabric... I chose 4 "holiday" prints (which tend to be more expensive, but are often times on sale), then complimented them with much more basic and less expensive calico prints.  Then, if you can score a sale or a coupon on top of that, you'll be in great shape! 

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this one! So cute!! Definitely putting this on my "to do" list!

  2. "Sew" dang cute! I want to do one for Thanksgiving/Fall. I never have any cute decorations for that time of year.

  3. I love this..it's awesome!
    Just became a new follower.would love a follow back.