Friday, April 7, 2017

Come Follow Me: APRIL Handouts & Printables

I'm excited to introduce Marissa from Prickly Pear Design Co as my newest Contributing Designer!! I met her at a blog conference a few months ago and since then we've been planning an AWESOME new series that she'll be selling in my new store for you guys!!
Who doesn't love to give a good handout after a great lesson?! We all do!! Unfortunately, many handouts we give our youth end up crumpled, piled on a dresser, left behind or even in the garbage! We're hoping to change that with this new series! Marissa's Monthly Kits will include a 4x6 handout for each week (coordinated to the Come Follow Me Lesson Outlines) that can be saved in an album!

HOW IT WORKS: Each month she'll release a new kit that corresponds with the monthly "Come Follow Me" theme. It will include a 4x6 Divider for the month/theme + will have a 4x6 quote or scripture that the girls can add to their album each week (inspired by each lesson outline that month).  By the end of the year, they'll have a Keepsake Album FULL of great quotes and scriptures that they can use as a reference when preparing talks, for personal study or to just have a nice uplifting book to flip through when they need encouragement. 
ABOUT THE ALBUM: These handouts are 4x6's and fit perfectly in inexpensive plastic albums. They can be found at the Dollar Store, Target, Walmart or online. We recommend getting one large enough to hold 48-60 prints so they collect their cards for the year in one album. Or, you could provide a binder with sheet protectors that have compartmentalized 4x6 slots. For a less expensive option... you could punch each handout card in a top corner and add to a ring. Decorating the album or binder would make a great activity or a great gift for an incoming Beehive!

Each Monthly Kit will also include coordinating "friend-shipping" printables (like note cards, box templates, etc) that can be incorporated into activities, used for visits or taken to girls who need a lift. This particular kit includes a note card, a foldable card and a mini-milk carton template that you can fill with little treats!
PS... It includes 6 assorted album covers to get you started!
Happy Printing!

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love the 'friend-shipping' help!

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