Tuesday, October 21, 2014

TIPS for Printing Your Planners

Now that literally hundreds and hundreds of you have LDS Planners... wow - seriously boggles my mind :) - I'm getting lots (as in oodles and oodles) of emails regarding the planners, printing, the tabs, how to apply them, where to get sticker paper, which punch I use, etc... So - I thought I post might be helpful in case you were also looking for a few tips:

PRINTING AT HOME: I print the inside pages on regular white copy paper, double sided.  The heavier/nicer the paper, the better print quality you are going to get - but any printer paper is fine.  For the covers I use glossy/photo quality card stock (I buy mine at the Dollar Store, it's usually the Kodak Brand), then laminate for durability before binding.

PRINT AT A COPY STORE: Don't want to print at home?  Simply save your files to a memory stick and take to any local printer like Office Max. Have them print the inside pages on regular paper, then choose the type of paper you want for the covers. Laminating and binding can also be done while you are there... easy-peasy! :)

BORDERLESS COVERS: Printing borderless covers is a fun function most home/inkjet printers have.  Each printer is different... so look through your Print Settings or Advanced Setting options when the print box pops open after you hit "print".  If you don't have or can't find borderless options on your printer - it'll print the cover with a small white border around it.  OR, you can also consult with your local copy shop for their borderless options.

PRINTING the TABS: I use full-sheet Staples Brand white label paper to print my tabs so they can adhere easily like stickers. Other brands are available on Amazon. OR... if you'd prefer not to use sticker/label paper - simply print on regular white paper or card stock, laminate for durability, then fold and apply to the page edges with clear tape or secure a staple. 

PUNCH: I the use 1" Square Scallop Punch (available on Amazon or anywhere craft/scrapbooking supplies are sold; I've seen them at Michaels as well).  EK Tools Brand is my personal favorite, however Fiskars is good as well (and is what is shown in my photos). Although, no punch is actually needed, you can also just trim the tabs with scissors.

BINDING OPTIONS: I personally love having all of my planners spiral or wire bound. I do mine at home with a binding tool (the Zutter Bind-it-All)... but it can also be done at any office supply store. To give you an idea of cost, the binding service at Staples runs around $2-$3 per planner for the average size of my LDS Planners (which is about 100 pages or so).  OR... no binding is actually needed - you can also just 3-ring punch and store in any binder, with or without a cover.

I hope these tips are helpful... printing and putting you planner together is actually quite easy.  Don't let it overwhelm you and if printing at home makes you nervous... just take the files on a memory stick to your local printer and let them work their magic. :)  The printing and time investment are well worth the organization you'll have at your fingertips all year round.

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Happy Planning!

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