Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Have you had your eye on some fun printables in my shop, but didn't buy them yet?  Now's your chance to WIN THEM INSTEAD!! :)  Simply visit my shop, pin the printables you want to win, enter below by copying the URL to your pins and 5 winners will be announced tomorrow night!

Don't forget to do your bonus entries too!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway
CONGRATS to my winners!! Thanks to everyone who entered... more giveaways to come!

Have fun pinning!

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khjrose said...

Collette, thank you SO much for your beautiful printables and especially for this fun giveaway! I'm so excited to have won and eager to start scattering some sunshine! :)

Margaret Johns said...

Colette, thank you so, so much for my Menu Board printables! I keep buying things from your Etsy shop because they are adorable, but I had decided to hold off on getting this one because I already had so many kiss labels, etc. in my shopping cart last time. I will certainly enjoy this one. Thank you for making things easy for craft-challenged people like me, and thank you for being so generous!

I have a friend in hospice right now. She loves milk chocolate, so I keep taking jars of Hershey's Kisses and Nuggets with your labels over. She and her daughter, who is also a friend, really enjoy them, and return the jars to me so I can refill them. It was a lot of fun being there when family from out of state realized there were Valentine stickers on one of the last batches

Last time I visited I found out that my friend's grandchildren and great-grandchildren have been spreading the foil kiss wrappers all over the place when they sneak one, driving her daughter, who does the cleaning, up the wall! So, tonight I filled a jar with M&M's printed your free M&M jar toppers, used one for a tag tied with twine, and one for a lid topper, and added "for being my friends" to the "much love and many thanks" message on the tag. So adorable, and no stray foil! I'll pick up some Cadbury Mini Eggs and/or some jelly beans for an Easter-themed jar soon. Maybe I'll stick some kiss labels right on the jar!