Sunday, November 16, 2014

{SUNDAY SENTIMENTS} Week 22 - Choose to be Grateful

Isn't this quote so full of hope?  I think so!  I love how it reminds us that no matter what {NO MATTER WHAT}, we can always make the choice to be grateful. Trust me, there have been days over the last few years where I've been in a dark hospital room, heaped on the edge of my husband's bed, soaked in tears of desperation... riddled with thoughts of how cancer unraveled the seams of our life.  But... luckily (and by the very grace of God himself), these thoughts of desperation didn't - and haven't yet - overtaken me.  Anytime I find myself in that place, I begin listing my many blessings... sometimes even just repeating a few of them over and over in my head until I feel the comforting hand of the Lord quiet my broken soul.  I've also learned that during the most uncertain times - when all seems out of control - the one thing I can control is my attitude, my perspective and I can replace the feelings of fear and anxiety with gratitude. It's not easy... and sometimes that breaking point is near - but when we look around, sometimes even gazing beyond the impending trial, gratitude can most certainly be found.  That is a promise. ♥

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Much love dear friends...   

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Anonymous said...

Thank you again and again for letting us share in your talent! You are quite generous!

Mary Jane

-Susan- said...

Colette, thank you so much for this wonderful quote that you beautifully portrayed! I plan to print and frame it for my Thanksgiving decorations! (It would be good all year long)