Monday, November 3, 2014

{FREEBIES} November Calendar + Gratitude Sheet!

The first week of November can be a big kick-off for the Holiday Season.  If I am disciplined and get started now - the simple act of planning ahead and writing things down reduces my stress considerably; allowing me to more fully enjoy the coming weeks with my family.  I love to print these two pages and put them side by side on my fridge.  One helps me plan ahead, the other helps me remember the reason for the gratitude season! 

To help you do the same, I extracted the November page from my "Clipboard Calendar" to help you get all of those important dates and upcoming events recorded.  I also extracted the November page from my "Perpetual Calendar" and it works FABULOUSLY as a Gratitude Sheet.  If my Gratitude Journal feels to complicated, then this sheet is perfect.  With one line per day - it's easy to meditate for a moment (amid the craziness) and pick something to record.  Remember... the quote I posted yesterday, "If you want to find happiness, find gratitude"... ?  Keeping a list this month of the things you are grateful for will undoubtedly help unlock the door to experiencing more happiness this holiday season.  Feel free to print them for yourself, for your family or for anyone who you think would enjoy them.

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TIP: Files are in alphabetical order, scroll/advance to page two and look for the files named, 
"November 2014" and "November Gratitude Sheet"

Have a great day! 

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