Friday, November 7, 2014

{FREE PRINTABLE} Today I am thankful for...

I'm thankful for SO MANY things... but did you know I'm thankful for my Etsy Shop?  It might seem kind of silly or superficial, but my shop and blog have been a huge blessing for my family.  Over the years, my business has seemed to grow at just the right times and that growth has allowed me to become the primary bread-winner of our family. Which also means, I am thankful for all of you!  Every time you PIN a printable, SHARE a Facebook post, like/comment on posts, give made-up printables as gifts, introduce your friends to my site and make purchases - you are helping me continue to grow!  I'm so thrilled, so grateful that my brave hubby has been able to continue his long-term disability confident that we'll stay on top of our finances.  I'm so thankful he can focus solely on rehabilitating and recovering from his cancer treatments and transplant instead of worrying about money.  He works hard every day in physical therapy... and I'm so grateful that the gift I can give him is peace of mind.  And, never in a million years... did I think the source of that peace would be an Etsy Shop and a concourse of wonderful fans and customers.  But it is.  It most definitely is. ♥

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Much love...

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Rita Gibson said...

Etsy is really a blessing for small and medium enterprises, as well as to individuals who are itching to carve a place in the market. It not only puts them there on fairly even keel in terms of visibility and accessibility, it also makes them a very handy and accessible option for customers. Those are wonders of the new media and their configurations in tow. Good luck!

Rita Gibson @ YEAH! Local