Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fun & COLORFUL Ideas for Your Planner!

The SINGLE BEST habit you can form to help keep a busy life organized is to write things down in one place.  Find a planner you love and use it!  When my search came up empty - I designed my own and my level of "keeping it together" increased ten-fold over night as soon as I started using it.  Amazing how JUST WRITING THINGS DOWN... IN ONE PLACE will transform your life!  I now have an extensive collection of planners in my shop... you are welcome to take a peak {here} to see if one will help you stay organized! 

By design, I purposefully created the interior pages of all of my planners in black and white.  This keeps printing costs to a minimum + keeps the look clean and uncluttered.  Then, with some inspiration and ideas shared from customers - I've now adapted a planning style that adds a splash of color to my planner... which is super fun and keeps it inviting to use.  My motto is if it's cute, I'll use it.  The planner itself is already cute... but the stickers are just like icing to an already yummy cake!

After printing and binding my planner... I went to Michaels to look for inspiration.  I grabbed stickers, washi tape, fun labels, colored pens and some cute little post-it style flags.  Any office supply store or scrapbooking section of a craft store will have all kinds of things you can use with your planner!  Now, as I sit down for a monthly planning session... I just add stickers as I go!  It's simple and fun.  The stickers and tape not only add color, they bring attention to bigger events and important things you want to remember.

Another HUGE tip to staying organized is to set aside time each week to plan out the upcoming week.  One awesome thing I've noticed - is that as I decorate my page, my brain comes up with MORE things to write down!  And, the beauty of writing it all down means you NO LONGER have to REMEMBER it.  Trust me, it's a very freeing exercise and once you get in the habit of doing it, no matter how busy your week is - you will automatically de-stress just by having a written plan.  One of my favorite things are these post-it style flags... I use them for my design projects and blog post ideas.  That way, I'm still writing them down, but I can move them around during the week - or forward move them to another week if I need to.  I love that!!

I've got a full load this week... but I don't feel stressed.  It's all written down and I'm not wracking my brain trying to remember the thing I think I might be forgetting for this afternoon!   Don't get me wrong - I still have my "oops" moments, but at least this way - my forgetfulness stays to a minimum.

I also made a little folder/compartment for my stickers that is working super well.  I printed an extra copy of my back cover (so that it matched), trimmed it to the size I wanted, laminated it - then attached it to the inside of the back cover with clear packaging tape.  Now, my stickers are right there... easy to get to anytime I need to bring attention to something new I'm writing down.

Of course, the decorating technique works for any planner... but if you are interested in getting a planner like mine, I have two versions in my shop.  A full 2015 calendar year one or one Sept 2014 - August 2015.  The planners come with 4 cover/color options - or you can choose from a specialty selection of covers for a little bit more personality.

My Personal Planners are regularly priced at $12.50 ...
However this week, the Sept/Aug is on sale for $8.50 and the 2015 for $10. 

 Happy Sticker Shopping!

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Anonymous said...

Are you going to offer the 2015 calendar is the print/bound form like you did last year??
I hope so!!
Love, love my calendar!

Colette said...

Hi, Janice... :) I'd like to. I need to find a new print company though. The one I used last year was good - but I'd like to find someone better. I'll keep you posted... :)