Friday, January 17, 2014

YW Values & 2014 Theme Nugget Wrappers & Tray!

My YW brain is on full steam and I was GRATEFUL for a little design time this week to escape.  I've been seeing nugget wrappers and trays popping up on Pinterest and just had to make a set.  This was only my first project - believe me, there will be lots more fun themes to come!  What I love the most is it combines the fun of custom themed candy wrappers with unique printable packaging.. I love it!!

For this project... you'll need:

1.  The printable (found HERE in my shop)
2. Hershey Milk Chocolate Nuggets (8 per set)
3.  Pretzel Stick Sized Cello Bags (craft store; cake decorating section; 2.25" x 9.75")
4. Ribbon or Twine
5.  Stapler, Glue Stick and Scissors

Putting them together is super easy... simply print and trim each piece.  You can print the wrappers on regular white paper, but definitely print the tags and trays on white card stock.  To wrap the candies, just position and secure with clear tape.  The trays are super easy as well.  Just trim, then either score or fold the thin white lines on each edge to create a fold line for the sides.  Run your glue stick down the middle of the tray and line your nuggets up in value order.  This prevents them from slipping around.  Slide the tray into your cello bag, fold the tag over and secure with a staple.  I tied a small bow with matching twine and secured it with the staple.  Voila!

This cute little row of candy goodness will make a great favor for any YW activity; particularly New Beginnings or YW in Excellence!  Or, use it for birthdays, as a gift to your new Beehives or just because.  


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Patty Patterson said...

These are adorable. I bought them. I don't know what I'll use them for but I can't wait to have a reason.