Monday, December 30, 2013

Planner SALE!!

★★★ It's that time of year... time to start planning, organizing - AND time to COMMIT (or recommit) to writing things down!! In my busy life, it's the ONLY thing that helps me maintain my sanity. Once I write it down, my stress level drops because it relieves me from having to remember everything all the time and when I can plan ahead, I'm not running around like a stressed out "Last Minute Lucy". Trust me, the first step to a peaceful existence is having a good planning system. I've got 4 planners, (1 Personal Weekly/Monthly & 3 for LDS Presidencies) - I hope one of them works for you! They are on sale now through January 2nd... and please don't be shy, share my sale with your friends! 

2 comments: said...

I got mine on Friday! I am so loving it :)

Amy Bateman said...

I'm hoping UPS pulls through with my planner delivery today and doesn't make me wait until Thursday! I can't wait to start writing my life down.