Tuesday, November 26, 2013

{ANNOUNCEMENT!} Black Friday / Cyber Monday SALE

{ANNOUNCEMENT!!} Good morning - just a little note to let you know I'll be hosting a HUGE (as in EPIC) Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale in my shop this weekend! Here's how it's going to go - mark your calendars now so you don't miss it!

*Friday (11/29) is 50% off all day (Noon to 6 EST is 60% off)!
*Saturday & Sunday (11/30 & 12/1) is 40% off all day.
*Monday (12/2) is 50% off all day (Noon to 6 EST is 60% off)!

On Thursday night, I'll announce the coupon codes you'll need to get the discounts stated above. I'll shout it on FB, post them on my blog and I'll send them out in my Newsletter as well. My recommendation is to browse and shop now, add items to your cart - then when I activate the discount codes, you can checkout super fast. FYI... All "Picks" and personalized items will be removed from my shop during the sale.

Here's a link to my shop so you can start your wishlists! 

Feel free to share this sale announcement with your friends... the more the merrier!

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