Friday, September 13, 2013

2014 Personal Planner Now Available!

It's done!  It's finally done!!
I was FLOORED at the immediate popularity and buzz when I released my 2013 Personal Planner last month!  In fact, so floored, that I bumped other projects so I could focus and get 2014 designed and I'm so glad I did!  So... what's new with this version?  A few things.  First, I made all of the interior pages (all 143 of them) black/white only.  This should help with cost and ease when printing.  Next, I added 10 "My Notes" pages, a "Frequently Called Numbers" page, At-A-Glance for 2014 & 2015... plus I kept the "Looking Ahead to 2015" spread as well. The Monthly Planning Spread and the Weekly Planning Spread stayed the same.  I also typed up simple print/assembly instructions that you can print and take to the copy shop with you to ensure it's printed/bound properly.

If you are ready to get right to it... you can find it in my shop {HERE}!

SPECIAL NOTE: For those of you that don't want to hassle with printing your own and would prefer to purchase an already printed/bound planner - I'm thinking about possibly getting them made and being able to ship them to you ready to go!  That's right!  You can either purchase the digital DIY version from my shop - OR you'll be able to order a finished planner from me!  I'm still working on bids/quotes and I haven't decided for sure on pricing, but it'll probably be around $32-$40.  Please also consider that after purchasing the file and printing 145 copies at a copy shop, it's actually only a few more dollars to have it done for you.  If you'd like to receive an email notification once I'm taking pre-orders and a $3 off coupon code, visit this link (HERE).  Thanks! :) 

 The pictures you'll see in this post show the planner in an ARC Notebook that I got at Staples.

I love this feature as well! At the beginning of each month, I think through and record priorities, projects, thoughts and ideas that I would like to focus on in the coming month. There are also convenient spaces for reminders and notes that help me juggle everything. This spread then works as a spring-board for the month and in more detail, these items end up on my Weekly Planning Spread in the four "To Do" spaces. At the end of the month, I am always pleased at how much I was able to accomplish by simply planning ahead and writing it down!

My favorite (and most useful) feature in my planner is the two page "Weekly Spread". The top half allows space for recording daily appointments and events, notes and even a space for meal planning. However the best part of this page are the 4 separate "to do" sections (see image 2) along the bottom. This allows you to manage multiple to do lists within the same week. For me, I can compartmentalized my life into four areas: Home/Family, My Husband (he has cancer, so I have a lot to manage for him), Volunteer work at my church and finally my business (Blog/Etsy Shop). I manage the to do lists of all of these areas on the same two page spread each week and it allows me to manage my daily schedule, yet keep efficient tabs on my to do's in each of the areas of my life. From week to week, these "areas" may change. One week you might use a section for planning a party or for managing a decorating project. Are you working on food storage? Use a section to manage that list - or do you work from home or run your own small business? You might use a section for each child or use one to manage volunteer time at church or schools. I absolutely love this layout and with two simple pages, it helps me manage all the things I have going on at once.

In the bottom right corner, there are a few boxes you can check off.  I don't really need a huge cleaning checklist, I know when I've done my jobs. ;)  So, this box is sufficient... same with laundry and bills.  I don't want excessive lists and charts for those items - but I still like them staring at me so I'm motivated to check them off.  As far as bills and online banking, it's just a good habit to at least LOOK at those things weekly.

In addition... there are also basic note pages for things you need to jot down or thoughts you'd like to remember.  You can use these pages for managing a project, planning a party, etc...  Of course, the "Looking Ahead" spread will come in handy as well.  Not shown are the At-A-Glance 2014 & 2015 Calendars or the "Frequently Called Numbers" pages.  

I'm absolutely in love with this layout and it has simplified my life significantly.  Having a spot to write everything down - gets it out of my brain and has seriously reduced my stress.  I hope you give a try and when you do - I hope you love it as much as I do!  If you'd like to give it a try before getting 2014, please note that the 2013 version is now on sale in my shop for $4.

Happy Planning!

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Lisa said...

Is there any chance you will be doing a half size printed version? I absolutely LOVE this and NEED it but it has to fit in my diaper bag. I would rather not have to deal with printing if I don't have to. Thanks! You are awesome and I really appreciate all you do!

Colette said...

Hi, Lisa... I'm so sorry - but I won't be. I looked into it and I've have a ton of reformatting to do. I'm just going to stick to the full size for the finished ones. Sorry about that!

Shirley said...

When will the finish planner be ready for purchase and what will the cost be?

Colette said...

Hi, Shirley... So far, I haven't been super satisified with the samples I've gotten. They are fine, but still look like they came from a copy shop. I'm now in touch with a publisher (YAY!!) that will be sending me some samples next week. I may not have a plan until after Oct 1st... I'll keep you posted. :)

Shirley said...

Thanks Colette, I'll keep checking or you can let me know at my email