Monday, May 27, 2013

{FLASHBACK FREEBIE} One Nation Under God

Repost from 2011... too awesome not to share again.

I have been so moved by all of the 9.11 coverage I've been watching, have you?  I think it would have touched me no matter where I live... but now living only about an hour from the WTC itself has made this particular anniversary pierce my soul.  Watching the national news is sobering enough, but when those programs end and the local NYC coverage begins, they cover an even more intimate portrayal of the survivors, the heroes and the lost.  I've been emotional several times as I process the overall gravity of the event and my heart extends to the families and friends left to cope with such a tragic outcome.  Even 10 years later, the wounds are still very deep here.

With this weighing heavily on my mind... I was inspired and touched by so many flags proudly displayed on bridges and overpasses as I headed towards the city for a meeting at my church.  As I walked in, I was overcome with pride and gratitude... and this is the image that popped into my head. I believe in God and have always found solace and pride in the belief that we are a strong nation built under Him. We are flying our flag in remembrance today and I couldn't let a moment pass to create and share the image I saw so vividly in my mind.  Please print, display, pass it along and remember.

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God Bless...

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