Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Design Tips & Tutorial

I've been busy this past week getting all of the Scrapbook Max shapes I've designed organized - and was able to put together 3 new kits!  If you aren't familiar with Scrapbook Max... you should be!  If you like what I do and enjoy what I create... you would FAINT if you knew how easy and fun it is!  Scrapbook Max is a very basic digital scrapbooking design program, primarily used for scrapbooking... but I use it for EVERYTHING!  I use it to create all of my subway art, printables, quotes, blog graphics, thumbnails, handouts, freebies... tags, everything!  So - even though it's a BASIC, EASY program to learn and use - I do believe I'm proof that it can be used for amazing, creative and original projects, moreso than just scrapbooking.  Many people are so surprised that I don't use PhotoShop... I think it's too hard to use and I hated the time it took to learn the simplest functions.  Scrapbook Max isn't complicated - in fact, my kids even use it!

OK. There. My secret is out.  I'm probably not as talented as you thought I was. ;)

If you'd like to give it a whirl... Scrapbook Max even has a 30 day free trial.  
You can get more info about that {here}.  I also love that it's affordable if you do want to buy it.  In fact, it's hundreds less than most of the programs "designers" use.  It's only $39.99 - you just can't beat that.

One thing that has really boosted my creativity was learning to use and apply photo or paper shapes to my projects.  These "shapes" (or masks as they are called in other programs) are like a cookie cutter or like a die cut.  You take a digital piece of paper, apply a shape to "cut" it out - then you can use the shapes in your projects.  I'm addicted to layering... layer, layer, layer.  Everything ALWAYS looks better layered!

A super fun set I just made is perfect for birthdays and parties.  Lots of the shapes in this kit are what I call - build-your-own-image shapes!  You take various pieces, apply papers and like this example, I made my own cupcake!  This set allows me to make party printables or scrapbook pages out of ANY kit I have in my library. This kit also has balloons, cakes, presents, banner flags and more.

I also expanded my instruction page from 2 pages... to 5 and it now includes not only instructions for how to install and use the shapes in Scrapbook Max - but also tips and techniques for using your shapes creatively.

If you are a Facebook Fan... you can get a free PDF download of the instruction packet!

Current fans already have access {HERE}.
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If you don't use Scrapbook Max - it's likely you can still use these shapes in whatever program you use. Shapes are saved as PNG's with transparent backgrounds and can be used as masks in any program (even in PhotoShop).  If you'd like one sample shape to see if it works in your program, download one of my samples here to see how it works.

All of the sets shown are available in my Etsy Shop {HERE} and have also
been bundled together in a discount listing {HERE}!

Have fun!!

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Rita said...

Thank you so much for these, I am so excited to try them all out! You are very talented and I appreciate your sharing with all of us!