Tuesday, January 22, 2013

INSTANT DOWNLOAD on Etsy Purchases!!

My Etsy Shop is undergoing some awesome upgrades that I'm really excited about!!  I've been working around the clock to upgrade my shop to provide my customers with INSTANT DOWNLOADS of their purchases!  No more waiting for me to finish homework with my kids or for me to get back from the grocery store to fill your orders!  It'll take me another week to finish migrating and setting up all of the files, but over the coming days you'll notice more and more listings with INSTANT DOWNLOAD added to their product title in my shop!  

As of now... all of my Winter & Valentine printables are now set up for instant delivery - as are my calendars and menu planners.  YAY!!

HOW IT WORKS:  Within about 5 minutes of placing your order, you'll receive an automatic email (to the email registered to your Etsy Account) with a link to download your file(s).  Easy as that!  Your files will ALSO be available for quick and easy download at Craft Hub!  Simply go to http://etsy.crafthub.me/orders/ and sign in with the email address you have registered to your Etsy Account.  Then, enter the order number from your Etsy Receipt to access your downloads (it'll take about 5 minutes for your links to be posted).  Within 24 hours, I will update your order status to "shipped" and will send a copy of your link to your Etsy Convo Inbox for final verification.  Is that awesome, or what?!

"Pick" listings and personalized orders will, of course, still always be processed by hand - but all other single listings and bundles will be available for download within minutes!  I'm so excited about this change - as it will not only free up more time for me to spend with my family, but will allow me to spend more time designing!

Come see, come see!!  I'm so excited!

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Jeanette said...

Ooh! Fancy pants! Totally cool move.