Thursday, December 27, 2012

Primary Printables CORRECTION

 A sweet reader informed me that there was a typo on my Primary 2013 Bookmarks.

Oh my.

I read, re-read and proof read AGAIN... but occasionally a typo slips past me.  I am so embarrassed!

My sincere apologies - especially for anyone out there who has already printed them.

The original link has been corrected and can also be accessed HERE.


Anonymous said...

Your primary printables are the best I've seen!!! Thanx for helping those of us who are totally computer challenged!!!! :)

Sari said...

Thanks for your darling printables! I've really enjoyed them. I ordered a 8x10 print of the subway art at Costco, and noticed that at the bottom (yellow line) it says "teach me all that I can do", and I was hoping you could change it to "teach me all that I must do" like it says in the song. Thank you! -Sari

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