Monday, November 26, 2012


Best sale in my shop EVER.  

Enter the code above at checkout in my shop to save 50% on your entire purchase!  
Code is good through midnight 11/26/2012.  

(Well, let's be honest... I won't be up at midnight to turn off the code - so sometime reasonably thereafter.)

Get your Subway Art Collection completed, get the menu planners or Clipboard Calendar for gifts... you know what you've been eyeing - it's time to get it tonight!

For anyone having trouble finding the "coupon box" to enter your CYBER50 code to save 50% today... 
here's some quick instructions: 
Add the items you want to your cart and go to checkout. On the right side, where you see payment informat
ion like the Visa/MC icons, right below that is a blue link that says "Apply shop coupon code". When you click on that, a box opens up and just enter CYBER50 there and click "Proceed to Checkout" and it will figure the discount for you. If you still have any issues, please let me know and I'm happy to make order adjustments/refunds if you can't find the coupon box. Thanks!! :)

Happy Shopping!

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