Friday, March 2, 2012

Pebble-Potted Bulbs for Spring

Spring is always late in Jersey so I get antsy and start my gardening indoors.  I'm addicted to forcing bulbs, they are so fun to watch - and even more fun to give away!  They make such an easy/fun/inexpensive gift.


Pebbles or Floral Marbles
Glass Jar, Vase or Cup

I typically get my pebbles and glass at the dollar store and bulbs of all varieties are widely available right now at home improvement stores.  Some bulbs are big, some are small, some are expensive and some are cheap - so keep in mind both the size of your jar and the size of your budget when choosing. :)

First, fill your jar about half full of pebbles (floral marbles work great too). Then set the bulb (root side down) into the pebbles.  You'll need to shimmy the bulb down into the pebbles a bit, or fill in some pebbles on the sides.  The stalks will grow very tall and the flowers will be heavy, so the bulb will need to be anchored down in the rocks pretty good.  Finally, fill the jar with water... you'll want to keep it between the top of the rock line and the bottom of the bulb (or so).  Don't over water them or they'll grow mold (YUCK), put them in a window sill and watch them grow! Most bulbs, when forced indoors, will begin to grow pretty quickly and should be at full bloom within 3 to 4 weeks.

I am addicted to these fun gems and love to give them away.  I give them to friends, ladies I visit, teachers and will be giving them as shower favors next week.  Be sure to keep a few for yourself to enjoy!

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Valerie said...

Cute! I think these would be great for Teacher Appreciation week.

Quotes said...

I was thinking the same thing Valerie! But I need to keep one or two for myself:-)

Question - How long do you keep them in the jar? Do you have to plant them outside? How often do you water them - you said not to water too much because it will grow mold - but how much is too much?!?