Thursday, November 3, 2011

Time for some Thanksgiving Printables!

Oh, my goodness!!  The weather in New Jersey has been BRUTAL!  It stared with a MAJOR Winter storm on Saturday that all but ruined Halloween.  Despite hundreds of thousands without power, somehow our lights managed to stay on (thank goodness)!  We are, however, on day 6 with no phone, Internet or cable (I'm blogging from my friend Jenny's house right now).  So, I decided to make the best of it and have spent the last few days getting some new Thanksgiving printables ready to go!  I am LOVING my mantle!!  What do you think?

I've updated my shop with a brand new Subway ART Bundle for Thanksgiving that you must see (HERE) and re-designed a new Thanksgiving banner for this year (HERE).  I did decide to reopen my shop and am just asking for a couple of extra days to fill the orders.  Thanks!

I've also got my other printables changed out and ready for November... including my menu planner (HERE).

... and my November ClipBoard Calendar (HERE).

Doesn't that look cold!?  I hope to be back soon... I have lots more to share!


Valerie said...

Dang~ I thought the 5 inches of snow we got & the 2 hours with no power was bad...

Cute, cute stuff!!! I love the menu planners! I'm thinking I need to design a weekly planner (for activities etc.) along the same lines. Or you could do it...hint, hint! :)

Robyn said...

Thanks,Colette! I love your stuff and I'm so happy you're back!

Between U & Me said...

I featured this post today on my blog! ;)