Thursday, August 11, 2011

FAQ's for my Subway Art TO DO Chart

I've gotten such a fun response (and tons of questions) since I release my "Subway Art TO DO Chart" Printable that I thought I should post some additional info and ideas...
(You can read the original post HERE and can see the printable in my shop HERE.)

Below are some answers to my most asked questions:

Where can I get a 12x12 magnetic board/tile?
Any home improvement store (Lowe's has them for $5.97 each, precut) or online HERE

How do I attach the word art to the magnet board?
First of all, whatever you do, do not ModPodge the word art!  It'll leave an icky, runny, bubbly mess.  What I did was trim and laminate each one first.  Then, I coated the back of each one really well with a glue stick and stuck them on.  The printable comes together just like a 12x12 puzzle (see above image for the pattern).

How do you track chores with the board?
See the 5 colored bubbles next to the "Chores" label?  Each time they complete a chore, they move a magnet to one of them.  Blank coordinating cards are included in the printable - they can be used as either idea cards for each activity or can be used as chore cards. Just trim, laminate and write on them with a Sharpie.

How do you track behavior with the board?
Easy.  The "Strike Zone" has 3 strike bubbles and I threaten to move a marble onto a strike if they are naughty or don't listen.  I don't know yet what would happen if they got 3 strikes - my kiddos are pretty good and steer clear of them at all costs!

The magnet board is sharp!
Yikes... yes it is!! I framed my boards with a 12x12 scrapbook page frame to hide those sharp edges. I got them at Michaels for 40% off which made them less than $5 each.

Did you make one for the entire family or one for each child?
I made a board for each kiddo and used the letter tiles on page 4 of the printable to customize them.  The name space on the board allows for up to a 7 letter name and has some blank, accent ones for shorter names.

Is this just a boredom buster for the summer or do you use it year round?
It has certainly been an AWESOME boredom buster this summer, but I plan to continue using our boards year round.  They will be a great way for the kids to recap their days to me when they get home.  As they show me their work, their art projects and talk about their day, I'm going to let them mark off the activities they've completed.

As a completely non-intended benefit... our boards have added great flavor and meaning to our dinner conversation each night.  When my husband gets home and quickly glances at the boards (ours are displayed in the kitchen), he's able to ask them all kinds of direct questions about their day.  In an instant, he can see whose done chores, who has strikes and who has done a variety of activities throughout the day to talk about.  All the other benefits set aside... I'd have to say that is the single best reason for adapting it to your family!

Don't have yours yet?  Click the link below to pick yours up!


Kimberly said...

Thanks for the link for the magnetic boards. My local Lowe's had no idea what I was referring to!

Leslie said...

I found your site on FB through Sugardoodle and used the promo code on their page to get this printable. My kids are super excited about it which means so am I! :)

Just wondering if you printed these out on regular paper or cardstock before you laminated them? Do you think it matters?

I'm headed to Lowe's and Michaels today so hopefully I can find all the stuff to get these put together! :)

Thank you!

Colette said...

Leslie... sorry for the delay in responding. After the hurricane, today is my first morning back with Internet. YAY. I'm sure you are already done by now... but I printed mine on cardstock, then laminated and glued. Either way, I'm sure it would be fine. :) ENJOY!

Robyn said...

Ok, just to be sure on the glue stick--we're talking about just the plain old white glue, with a twist up tube thing, right? (Not hot melt glue sticks) ...sorry, kinda dumb question, but I want to make sure I do it correctly. :-) I am also having quite the time finding the magnetic boards, I keep getting looked at like I am crazy when I ask about them. I will probably be using that link also, so thanks!