Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Life around here seems to get more and more hectic - and I thought taking some time off from my blog would help me manage things better.  And you know what I learned?  I learned that designing and posting on my blog actually keeps me MORE ORGANIZED than I thought!  Although I am much busier when I'm cranking out printables...  I seem to have better control of my life when it's chaotic and busy.  Is that wierd?  These last few weeks as I've turned my time away from this blog - I found I was watching more TV, sleeping in longer, letting dishes pile more, talking on the phone more and still had trouble getting my laundry done.  I think the structure I had added to my day in order to make time for working on my blog and shop - was the backbone of keeping me MORE productive on my other mommy duties at home.  When I had to set aside time to design, it seemed I was more motivated to get my dishes done so I COULD finish a new design or work on a new post.

With that said... I am still seeking a new balance.  I definitley want to get back to blogging and designing - BUT would like to find help with the "crafting" and photography side of my designs.  SO... what I am proposing is creating a team of CRAFTERS to put print and craft my printables for me!   I will email these gals my printables BEFORE I release them in my shop for FREE - in exchange for them printing and crafting them; then in return, sending me back 3 photographs of the completed printable.  I'll be looking for ladies who not only enjoy crafting my printables, but who will also take good to great photos of the finished product! 

To be considered - simply send me at least 3 photos of ANY freebie printable from my blog you have printed and finished OR any file you have purchased from my shop and finished.  I'll simply evaluate the quality and creativity of the finished product, the quality of the photos and choose my "Crafting Team" from there!  If you want to get an idea of the types of photos I'm looking for... please browse through my blog and look at the photos I've taken of completed printables.  I want to point out that I only have a point-n-shoot camera and I am NOT a photographer (nor do I expect my team to be)... but they need to be nice photos that showcase my printables well.  I'm only a mom that takes photos of her kids - so if you can do that, I'm sure you can give it a try and send some in!

If you are selected - it won't be a MAJOR commitment or anything.  I'll simply email the entire team describing the printable I need crafted and photographed - and you let me know if that's one YOU WANT to do.  I will simply ask that if I send you the file for free, you send me back the photos within 3 days so I can use them on my blog and in my shop to showcase the printable.   


Please email at least 3 photos of any printable you have "crafted" that I have designed (either from my shop or a freebie from my blog).  I'll give top consideration to crafters who have not only creatively displayed my printables, but also to those who have crafted them well and have taken good, in-focus photos (both full shots and close-ups).  If you are also a blogger (particulary a crafty/mommy one) - I will also happy consider a button exchange as a thank you!  So... go take some photos and send them in!!


Julie said...

Oh I can't wait to get started.... I love the stuff that you make... now to find a couple spare minutes to take pictures and e-mail you! Oh I wish I were at home!!!

The Wille's said...

I know I have pics from the valentine bags but I can't find them!!! Grrr...

Nikki ~ Let's Craft!! said...


~ Nikki

Valerie said...

Yay!!! What a fun idea. Can't wait to see what you have in store. I've missed your cute printables!:)

Krista George said...

Welcome back! I'm so excited to see the cute printables to come!!!