Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Santa...

Is Scrapbook MAX on your Christmas List?  I hope so!

You all know that I *LOVE* using Scrapbook MAX and use it EXCLUSIVELY for EVERYTHING I design both for my blog and my Etsy Shop.  I hope through this blog, I've inspired you to want to dabble with digital design as well.  You don't need a fancy, tough-to-learn program to design masterpieces!  Scrapbook MAX makes is easier than you might think.   So - to encourage you to either give it a try, give it as a gift, or maybe even ask Santa to bring it to you... I thought I'd work up a list of the Top 10 Things I love about Scrapbook MAX!

1.  There is a FREE 30 day trial to give it a test run. 
That's what I did - I tried it, I loved it and 3 years later, I'm still using it!

2.  ANY digital kits you find out there online or in bloggy land are compatible.  Scrapbook MAX sells a variety of kits on their website, but people often ask me if all the "other kits" out there work.  Yes.  It all does, which means the sky is the limit!

3.  Scrapbook MAX isn't JUST for scrapbooking!  You don't have to browse around my blog or shop for long to see ALL the things I create using it.  From game cards to artwork I frame, from advent calendars to banners.  From things for my kids to designing gifts for others.  You can do it all, too!

4.  Scrapbook MAX is on sale for less than $40 right now!  Other, more fancy programs, range up to $100 or even more.  Not only is it easy to learn, easy to use... it's one of the least expensive programs out there.

5.  Scrapbook MAX has all the features you need to make impressive projects.  Custom sizing, custom coloring, variable shadowing, cropping, erasing, adding effects and tons more.

6.  One of my favorite things about Scrapbook Max is there is NOT a complex layering system like all the PhotoShop programs have.  Each element you add to your design represents a "layer" and in PhotoShop, when you start bringing in each individual graphic element - you can be working with 20, 30, 40 or more layers and personally, it made me need a Tylenol and a nap.  Scrapbook MAX uses VERY SIMPLE "Push Back" and "Bring Forward" buttons that make it so easy!

7.  EASY publishing is a must!  With Scrapbook MAX, I can EASILY publish my project into any number of file types.  I can create individual JPEG images OR can publish my creation to a PDF file.  If you've ever bought anything from my SHOP or downloaded one of my free files - and wondered how I turned my file into "PDF Format"... I did it ALL within Scrapbook Max!

8.   I also love how Scrapbook MAX allows you to save multiple designs within the same file.  It works a little bit like Excel.  In Excel, you have tabs at the top... each one represents an independent spreadsheet.  When you "save" it - all the tabs are saved together within the same file.  Scrapbook Max is the SAME WAY!  Anytime my project is a series of images or pages, I can still save it all together.  Each design or page has it's own tab.  I know of no other design program that does that and it's one of my favorite features!

Okay... So, I thought I could come up with 10 - but it's time to pick up my kiddos from the bus stop, so 8 will have to do for now!  Hopefully if you've EVER had even the slightest desire to learn to do what I do... you'll hurry and add Scrapbook MAX to your Christmas list!

Download a 30 Day FREE Trial Version -  HERE
Play Santa Today and Buy it - HERE!

And... between the easy tutorials on their website and the project tutorials on mine - you'll be designing your own fun things in no time as well! 


Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

I am still working on learning it but I LOVE it.

hltillery said...

You are the reason I downloaded Scrapbook Max a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE IT! You're right, all of the other programs are so expensive and a lot more difficult to use. I was looking in to the one from Stampin Up before I found this one. I downloaded the free trial and have been playing with it and now I'm getting ready to get the full version for my Christmas present. Thank you so much!!!

Ron Cooper said...

Hi! I’ve been following your neat blog from Hop Along Friday. My Facebook page “Inspire” has inspiring messages. I post original quotes up to 3 times a day. Love for you to visit!