Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our "Great Pumpkin" Tradition

We have a fun Halloween tradition I wanted to share.  We call it "The Great Pumpkin Offering".  On Halloween night, once the kids have gotten home and are warming up with hot chocolate... we give a small sandwich baggie to each kiddo.  They go through their candy and pick only their *FAVORITE* treats to keep.  Then, we fill up a large candy bowl with the rest and leave a "candy offering" on our doorstep for the Great Pumpkin.  In the morning, the candy is gone... but a fun (yet small) toy for each kid is waiting for them instead.  The kids LOVE this tradition, they are always excited to see what fun toy they get and I'm happy because the candy has magically disappeared!

Happy Haunting... and be sure to stop by my Etsy Shop!


Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

I love Scrapbook Max and heard about it here. How did you use it for your blog items tho???? so new to blog dom that not sure how to actually take the things created and move to blog.

Anita said...

What a wonderful tradition! I love it!

Life is more fun if you don't keep score. --Author Unknown

lemon twigs said...

I am Sooo adopting this tradition! Love it! Thanks for sharing your idea (o: