Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Design Your Own... Blog Header!

I love using Scrapbook Max to design blog backgrounds, headers and elements for my family blog (and for this one too)!  I like to change my blog headers about as often as a housewife might change the wreath on her front door!

I love "decorating" my blogs for the holidays... and doing silly things like putting Santa hats on everyone makes the kids giggle.  Plus, I'm on my blog all the time and I love seeing fresh new graphics.

Sometimes I use our family portraits... and other occasions call for random snapshots.  Designing blog decor is something I really enjoy... so I thought I'd give you a few tips so you can design your own as well!

First... you need to go into your blogger dashboard, into the "Design" tab, then select "Edit HTML".  If you've never been in there before... it's a big box with all of the behind the scenes coding that makes up all the elements of your blog. You can take a quick peak in here to see how big the "header" space is on your blog.  It varies widely depending on the template you have, how many columns you have and if you've done any hacks to change the code.  So, to find out the size of your header area, scroll through the code... and look for the part pictured above.   That is a screenshot taken from the code of this blog... so when I created my header... I started with my size settings at 960 pixels wide.

If you are using Scrapbook Max like I do (which I recommend for anyone wanting to get started), when you open a new project... you need to set your size settings by clicking on the little icon at the top that looks like a silver wrench.  The above box pops up and you can set the size for your project.  Stick to the width setting you found on your blog... the height setting is up to you.  I typically start with 300 pixels, but adjust later if necessary.  Once you click "OK" your desktop project space is set and OFF YOU GO!  Design to your heart's content and be sure to check out my right sidebar for links to my favorite designers, fabulous fonts & freebies and more to help you get rolling!

When you are done designing and playing with your header image, you'll need to publish it to a jpeg image.  In Scrapbook Max, you click FILE at the top, then PUBLISH TO, then IMAGES... and VOILA, you're very own header file is saved as a jpeg!

To upload your fabulous new image to your blog... go back into Blogger (into the Design tab) and click EDIT on the "Header" box.  From there, upload your image using the "browse" function... then select "Instead of Title and Description", click SAVE and you are done!

Stay tuned for more tips on how to use Scrapbook Max to customize your blog!
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