Thursday, August 5, 2010

Convert Old Photos to Digital Images!

Okay... I've been dying to post about THE most awesome contraption I've seen since digital cameras came out... NO JOKE!  It's a photo converter made by Brookstone and it's under $100!  It takes regular old photographs and quickly scans them into a high resolution, high quality digital image!  Are you serious?  I had to RUN STRAIGHT OUT AND GET ONE when I first saw them!  I have boxes and boxes of pictures I can't wait to convert... plus, think of what I can do with my mom's old photos!  This is a scrappers dream; I've died and gone to heaven!

Before our move, I spent a week at my parents house in Utah... digging through hundreds of photos.  In the end, I had about 150 digital pics of everything from their wedding... to growing up with my brother and sister.  Oh, the possibilities make me giddy!  Wanna see how well they turned out?

My dad during his Air Force days...
Not a bad image considering its about 40 years old!

My mom & dad's wedding day.  Look at her train!

Your's truly... when I was one, (like 30-something years ago)!

Now that we are almost settled, I'm going to start working on a family history photobook for my kids.  I COULD scrap everything... but I'm a little too impatient for this particular project and just want it in my hands ASAP!  I'll start shopping around and will do a post as soon as I decide which service to use!


Christine:) said...

Thank you again, Colette, for your great guest post! I'm excited for my "homework" this weekend:)
Oh, how I wish I knew about this photo converter last Christmas....we made a video for my parents with hundreds of old photos, but scanned them ALL....this sounds incredible- I'll have to check it out for later projects:)

Tyree said... has a Pandigital Personal Photo Scanner/Converter that can do up to 8x10 if you have bigger photos for $99.84 It had good reviews. Anyway thanks for the idea a did a search after reading your post and saw that one, may just get it for mom and dad for christmas. It can scan to a sd card so you don't have to be connected to your computer (do it while watching movies) so cool.