Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Family Blog... Public or Private?

(image of my "real" family blog)

I love blogging about my family life and kiddos. I think the fact that I love to take pictures, that I love to record memories and that I love digital design, makes blogging a fun and natural hobby for me.  I love that I can personalize my own blog backgrounds easily to make them my own.  Chronicling our lives on my blog has become a habit, almost a daily journal of sorts and I love capturing all of our moments, both big and small. I've recorded many things I never would have taken the time to scrapbook about and many of those small and simple things are my most precious memories.

HOWEVER, what I didn't love was having the intimate details of our life published out there for any Joe-Shmoe off the street to read. BUT... I hated how going private interrupted post updates on the blog rolls of my friends and family. What to do?

(image of my "dummy" blog)

In time, I came up with the PERFECT solution!  It has worked incredibly well for me and I hope you decide to try it if you have ever worried about the same thing.


In Blogger, I changed my original blog to "Private" by going to the "Settings" tab, then to "Permissions" and selected the option... "Only People I Choose"

I then added readers by emailing the invitation to close friends and family.  You can see my "real" blog is now private (HERE).

I continuted posting on my "private" blog like normal.

Then, I created a second blog.  I used the same background and the same header when I created it so it looks identical!   But... it's essentially a "dummy" blog; you can take a peek HERE if you want.   Can you see how I am only putting in my post titles - no pictures, no journalling? 

YAY!!! Problem solved! :)

I now maintain tip-top privacy on my real blog... but on my "dummy" blog (that even looks the same)... I only publish the TITLES of any new post I do.   And, by maintaing both, I am able to keep our life private... yet my friends don't loose updates on their blog rolls and know when to check in to read a new post. I love it and it only takes a few seconds to post a title once I've finished publishing the actual post on my "real" blog. 

Several friends thought I had hacked into the blogger code and somehow did some fancy-shmancy html thing to make the journalling and pictures "disappear"... nope.  It's actually 2 seperate blogs that look the same and now... I am one happy mommy blogger!

Thanks for stopping by... stick around, link to my other posts below!


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Amy C said...

That's a really good idea! I made my family blog private a year or so ago, and it seems like no one reads it anymore, so I know the dilemma! Thanks for the suggestion!

Jamie said...

I started doing that about 6 or 7 months ago and I love it! I just update the dummy blog with a title and a link to the private one. Several of my friends have also followed suit. Also, that way people who know you that have just found your blog can still leave a comment on the dummy one to be invited to the private one. It's so frustrating to see the "permission denied" page and have no way to request an invitiation! It is incredibly annoying that blogger hasn't gotten the hint yet.

Sara said...

This is a fantastic idea! So when the reader goes to the dummy blog, does the title of the post take them to the original post if they click on it? Or do they click on your botton on the left nav {already a reader} to be directed to your original blog?